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19. November 2011

Etienne Lavigne confirmed expansion of the "Dakar" in South America for 2012

The Director of the Dakar, Etienne Lavigne confirmed in an interview with the Argentine motor racing magazine "corsa online", that is in contact with Brazil, Paraguay and Peru in order to integrate more countries in Dakar in 2012 in the rally.

12. October 2010

FIA World Cup 2011: merger of the World Cup series with new appointments

The international automobile federation FIA has his announcement from last year, the two World Cup series, "FIA Baja World Cup" and "FIA Marathon Rally World Cup" should be merged, have now come and present the calendar for season 2011. Hock-Racing is looking forward to the inserts in the Baja as well as in the marathon rallies.

FIA Cross Country Worldcup 2011

18.-21.03.2011 Italian Baja (Italy)
01.-07.04.2011 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (UAE)
01.-07.05.2011 OiLibya Rally of Tunisia (Tunisia)
22.-24.07.2011 Baja Spain Aragon (Spain)
26.-28.08.2011 Hungarian Baja (Hungary)
01.-09.10.2011 Pharaons Rally (Egypt)

1. October 2010

The ASO presents the new title sponsor of the Dakar 2011

PERSONAL is Argentina's leading companies in mobile communications
and innovations, with more than 15 million customers. PERSONAL offer GSM and third generation phone service (GS) on the UMTS / HSDPA networks.

Since 2009, occurs on staff as the official supplier of the Dakar Rally. In 2010, we now an official partner and title sponsor for the Dakar 2011. Thus, the new edition of the Dakar, " PERSONAL Dakar Argentina-Chile 2011".

11th September 2010

Silk Way Rally 2011 launched

The second Silk-way rally will have the same name as the first edition last year, but on a whole new way. To the participants of the rally raid of the second largest in the world, from 11 to 18 September will take place to wait almost 5000 kilometers extremely difficult terrain of St. Petersburg to Sochi. Even for a scale of Dakar, the route is extremely difficult.

begins with the ceremonial start at the Palace Square in St. Petersburg at the prestigious Winter Palace on 11 September before the backdrop of historical Silk Way Rally this year. From the northern metropolis of millions of the world the first stage leads to Staraya Russa and from there to about Vyazma Lipetsk and Volgograd. On the way to the target in Sochi, the venue of the Olympic Winter Games in 2014, are also milestones in Astrakhan, Elista and Maykop on the road book. The route, with eight daily stages is with her crossing of northern Russia, the sandy massifs of Kalmykia and the rugged foothills of the Caucasus through a diverse terrain as ideal preparation for the Dakar Rally. So also Hock-Racing in 2011, the rally on his agenda have.

More info at our site Silk Way Rally

26th August 2010

Silk Way rally draws near

On the evening of the 7th September 2010, participants on board the ferry from Travemünde to Helsinki loaded their vehicles. Once in Helsinki will make the entire rally caravan on its own axis or by van to St. Petersburg for the start of the rally on.

There, on 11 September 2011, the second largest in the world rally start. From there it goes on an ancient trade route on: Staraya Russa - Vyazma - Lipetsk - Volgograd - Astrakhan - Elista - Stavropol, and finally on 18 September 2010 in Sochi, the host city to welcome the Olympic Winter Games of 2014, the participants have come to the finish. The Silk Way will rally to 2014 in Sochi every year your goal.

28th June 2010

First reconnaissance trip to Dakar in 2011 completed

The reconnaissance team from the ASO to David Castera has already driven a few thousand miles and had some mishaps on the way to Argentina and Chile in the conclusion of the investigation to track the Dakar 2011.

It all starts with a jump in mapping software systems a few weeks ago. The IT-tool provides a realistic and an accurate idea of the grounds, where drivers, drivers and teams, "the Dakar" will fight for the victory. The aim of the first Vortour, which in a few days ago Argentina and Chile have gone over then it the first draft of the route was prepared.

The first drawing of the route is then David Castera, the manager of Dakar, for approval by the representatives of the competent authorities of environmental protection and associations which are responsible for the protection of archaeological sites forward. At the next reconnaissance trip Representatives from these authorities will be this summer with it.

For this third Latin edition of the "Dakar" we will follow a route from Chile to Arica after, just a stone's throw from the Peruvian border. The stay in the Atacama desert - will be once again - the highlight of the Chilean part of the rally: "The opportunities are almost endless for the two large sand banks and dunes of Copiapo and Iquique. For participants of the Dakar in 2011 there will be new surprises "said Castera.

30th May 2010

Edith Weiss use with Strength – World Rally Championship in Portugal

Edith Weiss (CH/DEU), and your co-driver Vicky Psaaraki (GRE) drive with your Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 8 from position 69 to a 48rd place for your commitment strong In the special stage they were at times even at number 45 and this in a starting field of the entire world leader. The youngster Sebastien Ogier wins Rally of Portugal in 2010 before his team mate and world champion Sebastien Loeb.

If you consider that Edith Weiss has set out with a completely privately entered Evo 8 and far inferior equipment and drivers such as Ken Block and Hermann Gassner Jr eliminated from this hard use, had to pay tribute to this achievement is all the more.

28th May 2010

Edith Weiss travels in Portugal strongly in forward

Edith Weiss runs in the first stages in Portugal N4 with the start point 83 from position 69 from position 48 in the standings and No. 24 in the group.

If one compared to the Hermann Gassner Jr with his far superior approach from Mitsubishi Evo IX, which has gone from 39th place to 40th place in the standings and in the N4 group in 17th place, the performance by Edith Weiss is absolutely strong. Super Edith, very good job.

27th May 2010

Edith Weiss at the start of the WRC Rally Portugal

Our pilot Edith Weiss (CH/DEU) of the Dakar 2011 Dakar Porsche Cayenne is this weekend at the start of the 6th WRC round in Portugal (27 - 30 May 2010). Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII with her co-driver and your Vasiliki Psaaraki (GRE) it is in Group N4 on the track to the 75 pilots from 33 different countries participating.

At the top there is erwatungsgemäß little surprises. Sebastien Loeb and Daniel Sordo will once again compete for the Citroen and Mikko Hirvonen and Jari-Matti Latvala for the Ford works team.

As a starting point and destination is once again the contrast for the European Football Championship in 2004 built "Estádio Algarve in Faro, capital of the holiday.

A total of 18 stages and expect the drivers 355.32 ranking, and a total of 1223.07 km. The first and second day of fall with 130.61 or 135.10 kilometers rated for about the same length, while on Sunday will once 89.61 kilometers on the program.

29th April 2010

Dakar 2011: The most challenging route South America

The third edition of the "Dakar" has a huge package of tasks for the participants themselves.

Well into the sandy depths of the Atacama Desert, the heights of the Andes and high speed by "La Pampa" and to the borders of Bolivia and Peru: The route meets again in 2011, the superlatives. 2011, participants learn a new adventure even know multifaceted desert passages. In addition to new routes like the white dunes of the rally Fiambalá leads first time by one day of rest to the Peruvian border in the Chilean city of Arica, and thus in an entirely new kind of desert.

The escaping in Argentina and Chile edition offers participants diverse desert sections, faster passages and winding gravel mountain passes than ever before.

The "Dakar Rally" remains the toughest challenge in world motorsport.

26. March 2010

New edition of the Silk Way Rally 2010 confirmed

Now, after the Dakar 2011 for South America and the Silk Way Rally 2010 officially.
On Thursday confirmed Emilie Poucan, spokeswoman for the Co-organizer ASO: "Yes, there will be a new Silk Way give rally under the" Dakar Series ".

From 11 to 19 September will be the new, taking nearly 5,000-kilometer route in attack. Instead of relying, as in the previous year, the finals in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), wants to go exclusively to St. Petersburg via Astrakhan to Sochi in Russia.

23. March 2010

ASO confirmed Dakar 2011 in Argentina and Chile

This afternoon has confirmed to the organizers of the Dakar Rally ASO (Amaury Sport Organization) through its own newspaper "L'Equipe", the Dakar Rally 2011 Public for Argentina and Chile.

Enrique Meyer, Minister of Tourism in Argentina, said: "Next are the Dakar, is presenting a dream come true for Argentina. In the past two years, we have the whole world next to the sporting aspect of our landscapes and people. We are very proud to be called again to welcome the Dakar and we have worked hard to be able to. "

"We are pleased once again to receive either the rally" confirmed the Chilean Minister of Sport Ruiz-Tagle, "it is a great honor for our country.

The exact route will be at a press conference on 29 April 2010 in Paris announced.

The timing of the rally:
30 and 31 December 2010:
technical acceptance in Buenos Aires
1 January 2011:
Briefing, ramp start in Buenos Aires for the first bivouac
2 to 15 January 2011:
Stages Rally Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally 2011
16 January 2011:
arrival in Buenos Aires

23. February 2010

First information about the Silk Way Rally 2010

The Silk Way Rally 2010 will make its name as the largest rally of Eurasia and the second largest rally in the world, all honor.

This year the finale will not finish as in 2009 in Ashgabat (Turkmenistan). But we want to go to St. Petersburg via Astrakhan to Sochi on the Black Sea exclusively in Russia. Reports the Russian news agency Interfax.

For Russia, also PR-pregnant: For alongside St. Petersburg is also the final place-not just any city of Sochi. Sochi is to receive either 2014, the Winter Olympics and is considered a flagship project funded with millions of modern Russian government.

Preliminary date: 9th -19. September 2010
Range: St. Petersburg via Astrakhan Sochi with target
Length 5.000 Km

28. January 2010

New FIA European Rally Morocco replaces Transiberico

The Automobile Club of Portugal will start on 5 to 13 June 2010 this year, the new FIA Rally Vodafone Rally TT Estoril Portimao-Marrakech.

The new rally leads from Estoril (near Lisbon) on the port city of Portimao to Marrakech in Morocco, four days to stay in Europe, the remaining days are gone in Africa. This newly established Rally will connect Europe and Africa.

19. January 2010


Natasha Pisarenko of Associated Press was rewarded by Agustin Agraz, Public Affair Manager of LAN Argentina, for the picture she took during the Dakar.


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