Raid Rally Club from Hock Racing

Welcome Friend, join the Club of "Raid Rally Hock-Racing".

For the high-quality Raid Rallye Fan caming soon from " Hock-Racing " the Hock-Racing Club (schedule and contribution will following soon).

You register now free and not binding today over the site. We information you by start over the Hock-Racing Club on your e-mail.

The Hock Racing Club is the ultimate Raid Rallye experience. 

The members in the "Virtuell Club" contains (a limited edition polo shirt and cap, however with a expenses contribution) subscription to the official Hock-Racing internet magazine, a Hock-Racing membership card, the Club Member you will receive a 10 per cent discount on any official Hock-Racing merchandise bought in the E-Shop.

And the members be eligible to enter exclusive competitions. The prizes include trips to start or finish line of Raid Rallies with Hock-Racing.

Hock Racing, Hadersleber Str. 3, D-50825 Köln / Cologne, Germany, E-Mail: