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26 April 2016

Dakar Rally 2017 presented. For the first time through Paraguay

The 39th edition of the Dakar (02 to 14 January 2017) was presented today in Paris. A debut in the Dakar history will see Paraguay. In the country's capital, Asunción starts on January 2, the new rally adventure 2017th

Then it goes on Bolivia with stop in La Paz. At an altitude 3200-4100 m, the city of La Paz is the highest seat of government of the earth. Next it goes to Argentina to end of the rally. Participants will travel just under 9,000 kilometers through three countries in 13 days. On 14 January 2017, the Buenos Aires team will achieve.

The new challenge of the #Dakar2017 is Paraguay.


Saturday, January 16, 2016

Dakar 2016 to end in Rosario

The 38th Dakar Rally 2016 goes to fierce fighting for the lead among the different teams January 16, 2016 in Rosario / Argentina to end. 218 vehicles (84 motorbikes, 23 quads, 67 cars and 44 trucks) to finish the 2016 edition of the Dakar succeeded. After more than 9,000 kilometers and 13 stages with start in Buenos Aires / Argentina continues through Bolivia and back to Argentina, this battle was won by Frenchman Stéphane Peterhansel on Peugeot. On the other places in the top three followed by Mini and Toyota.


1. Stéphane Peterhansel

2. Nasser Al-Attiyah + 34'58"

3. Giniel De Villiers + 1h02'47"

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31 December 2015

1 January 2016

Hock-Racing wishes all friends, fans, sponsors and partners of our team a Happy New Year 2016

24 December 2015

Christmas 2015

Hock-Racing wishes all friends, fans, sponsors and partners of our team, a peaceful Christmas 2015.

18 December 2015

Dakar Rally Argentina Bolivia 2016

Hock-Racing wishes all participants of the Dakar Rally in 2016 many happiness and success. We will participate with our project in T1 at the Dakar Rally 2017.


Your Hock-Racing Team

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07 November 2015

Dakar Rally Argentina Bolivia 2016

Discover the route of the Dakar Rally Argentina Bolivia 2016 in details on video.

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21 October 2015

Baja Portalegre 500 (Portugal)
22 - 24 Oktober 2015

10. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

The new 4-wheel Porsche from Hock-Racing will start for the first time at the Baja Portalegre 500 2016.

Latest News and Videos at our special page Baja Portalegre 500 - 2015

02 October 2015

Rallye du Maroc (Maroc)
03 - 09 October 2015

9. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

The new 4-wheel Porsche from Hock-Racing will start for the first time at the Rallye du Maroc 2016.

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24 August 2015

"El Nino" leads to the route change in the Dakar Rally 2016

The Dakar Rally 2016 will be without the proposed route sections in Peru.

Last January, the route led the Dakar Rally through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. Now the plans for the next edition launched in early 2016 in full swing. Organizers Amaury Sport (ASO) announced in April that is driven by Peru, Bolivia and Argentina next January.

The country looks worrisome to the weather forecast, because the phenomenon of "El Nino" to be particularly strong this year. Because of the warnings the government of Peru has classified this matter as a top national issue. All state institutions should be ready in case the population is affected by the weather phenomenon.

Thus is driven next January only in Argentina and Bolivia. The route must now be rescheduled because originally the start for 3 January in the Peruvian capital Lima was scheduled. Mid to late September will announce the final route guidance the organizers.

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21 August 2015

Baja Poland (Poland)
27 - 30 August 2015
8. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

Baja Poland, the 8th round of the 2015 FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies will be held for the 7th time in a row this year. For the 4th time though the biggest cross country rally in Poland will be one of the World Cup series.

The event located in Szczecin and with the special stages near Dobra and Drawsko Pomorskie military site will start on Friday afternoon, 28th August and its finish is scheduled for Sunday, 30th August. The route of the rally covers 706 kilometers, while 414 of them are special stages.

The new 4-wheel Porsche from Hock-Racing will start for the first time at the Baja Poland 2016.

Latest News and Videos at our special page Baja Poland 2015

10 August 2015

Hungarian Baja (Hungary)
13 - 16 August 2015
7. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

The 7th round of 10 rounds of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015 starts with the Hungarian Baja on Friday, 14th of August with a 2,5 kilometer prologue.

The special, the "Super Special Stage" will find this year held at the Motocross course of Nyirád Motorsport Center. The result of the Prologue decides the start order the next day to the second stage. The total time of each participant is expected to have the added overall result.

On Saturday, 15 August, participants will ride in two stages, each with 172 km before a long stage of 172 km awaits the participants on Sunday, 16 August 2015 before the rally cars reach the finish line of the Hungarian Baja 2015.

The new 4-wheel Porsche from Hock-Racing will start for the first time at the Hungarian Baja 2016.

Latest News and Videos at our special page Hungarian Baja 2015

22 July 2015

Baja España Aragon (Spain)
24 - 26 July 2015
6. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

The Baja Aragon in Spain (24 to 26 July 2015) is one in the rally-raid drivers to the popular events in the calendar of the World Cup for Cross Country Rallies. Also 2015 again as the world's elite drivers lined up.

The Baja Espana Aragon, will be held in the Spanish town of Teruel, are making the second of four stops of Baja tour of Europe within the World Cups.

For high-mileage drivers and teams the Baja is a good start in the off-road rallying. The narrow and mostly fixed routes come a driving style of the WRC equal.

The Baja Aragon 2015 starts with a 7.8 km prologue short on Friday night July 24, 2015. On Saturday, July 25, 2015 to complete the pilot two tests: the first 160km, and the second special stage in the afternoon more than 310 km away. The final test on Sunday 26 July 2015, 180 km long.

2016 Baja Aragon take the first time under the wheels of the new all-wheel Porsche from Hock-Racing.

Current news and videos under our special page Baja Aragon 2015

08 June 2015

Italian Baja (Italy)
25- 28 June 2015
5. Round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

Current videos under our special page Italian Baja 2015

15 May 2015

Dakar Rally 2016 Page online
Our Dakar Rally Peru Bolivia Argentina specialized website with all the information about the rally is online.

Click here for the special website Dakar Rally 2016 Hock-Racing

10 May 2015

Pharaons Rally (Egypt) 10 – 17 May, 2015

The 4th round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015 starts with another classic desert rally in Egypt in 5 sections with a length of 2,300 km away. Of this alone 1,600 Km for the Special Stages.

The rally started with the world's elite of the raid rally racing takes place on May 12 in the port city of El Alamein against the backdrop of the Mediterranean. Another new feature is the central point of the great bivouac for logistical reasons, near the town of Tibniya in the the oasis Baharija. Here the rally caravan in the evening return to the rally camp and start multiple stages in large loops around the oasis around.

On May 16, the participants reach the destination at the foot of the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Hock-Racing 2016 with its all-wheel driven prototype go in class T1 to the start of the Pharaons Rally 2016.

Current videos under our special page Pharaons Rally 2015

29 April 2015

The route of the Dakar Rally 2016 is fixed
The rally organization has Presented with three press conferences in Peru, Bolivia and Argentina all stages of the Dakar rally route 2016 with cities and bivouacs.

The Dakar route in detail:

Jan 3: Lima-Pisco
Jan 4: Pisco-Nazca
Jan 5: Nazca-Arequipa

Jan 6: Arequipa-Lake Titicaca
Jan 7: Lake Titicaca-Oruro
Jan 8: Oruro-Uyuni

Jan 9: Uyuni-Salta
Jan 10: rest day in Salta
Jan 11: Salta-Belén
Jan 12: Belén-Belén
Jan 13: Belén-La Rioja
Jan 14: La Rioja-San Juan
Jan 15: San Juan-Villa Carlos Paz
Jan 16: Villa Carlos Paz-Rosario

In brief, there is a special website of the Dakar Rally 2016 Hock-Racing will again.

18 April 2015

Sealine Qatar Rally Cross Country Rally 2015
The Sealine QMMF Rally Cross Country Rally (Qatar) will start from April 19 to 24, 2015. This is the 4th round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015

Latest videos under our special page Sealine Qatar Rally 2015

16 April 2015

Presentation of the Dakar Rally route 2016
03 to 16 January 2016
Lima > Salta > Rosario

The route of the Dakar Rally 2016 was presented today in Paris.

At the launch of the new Dakar route for 2016, the first basic now would be announced. The differences to the latest editions of the Dakar Rally are very interesting. The edition of the Dakar Rally 38th and the eighth edition in South America through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Instead of a loop, a diagonal line was drawn across the continent for the 2016 Dakar Rally.

The start is in the Peruvian capital Lima on January 3, 2016. Then the riders make their way south, passing through Bolivia. Then it goes on to Argentina, where on January 10, the day of rest on the program in the city of Salta. The aim of the rally is on 16 January, the Argentine city of Rosario. The exact steps is the organizer ASO (Amaury Sport Organisation) in coming months well known.

The terrain here the focus is on many dune belts, right at the start of the rally in Peru. Then it goes towards Lake Titicaca from Peru along the Andes in Bolivia. Through the permanent residence in the amount of Bolivia (approx between 3000 and 4000 meters) it will go to the limits for participants and demanding for technology. So Etienne Lavigne, director of the Dakar, in the presentation of the Dakar route in 2016, presented in Paris. Of course, there will be one or two marathon stages. The last section in Argentina to Rosario, Argentina will consist of a very diverse area.

In brief, there is a special website of the Dakar Rally 2016 Hock-Racing will again.

March 26, 2015

Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2015
The second round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015, the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge (27 March-2 April 2015), is launching in the United Arab Emirates. With this successful event in Abu Dhabi, where the majority of the world's elite rally raid scene is at the start, length will be held across the emirate this year with 2,000 Km. Of these, 1,700 Km alone with special timing.

Hock-Racing will go to after the Baja Northern Forest 2016 with his all-wheel driven prototypes in the class T1 at the start of the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2016.

All details about the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2015 on our special website

12. February 2015

Baja Northern Forest 2015
The FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015 starts with his first run in the Russian Federation, in Sortavala and Suoyarvi, in the Russian Republic of Karelia, near the border of Finland. (20 to 22 February 2015).

The service park of the event will be erected in the city of Sortavala, right at the Finnish border. The first stage will be contested on Friday afternoon with the special stage, featuring a length of 9.5 kilometres. The second and the third stages of the Baja Russia starts on Saturday and Sunday. A 159.kilometre special stage each.

Hock-Racing will go to after the Dakar Rally 2016 with his all-wheel driven prototypes in the class T 1 at the start of the Baja Northern Forest 2016.

All details about the Baja Northern Forest 2015 on our special website

12. February 2015

Dakar Rally 2016 target Colombia !!!
The ASO reported on 10 February 2015 "We have great news for you ..." See you on April 16th Dakar Rally for the press conference! It laid the announcement by one month than as usual before!

From various sources such as the TV station FOX SPORTS and the online magazine is to read, which is Argentina hereinafter confirmed for the Dakar 2016, Ecuador and Colombia are highly interested in participating. This is called the target in the Colombian port city of Cartagena.

Etienne Lavigne, director of the ASO shares this with: "Everything is possible." Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia, sent an official letter to the ASO. This was confirmed by Etienne Lavigne itself.

But there are still open questions, such as the connection of the Dakar route looks to the north of South America.

The Government of Peru Ollanta Humala President will decide on Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism Magali Silva in the next few days whether you will be part of the Dakar Rally 2016.

Also President Bolivia Evo Morales would like part of the Dakar Route 2016 remain, whatever is still open as the Logitik is very difficult for the rally in the country.

There is still very exciting to the official presentation of the Dakar Rally 2016 on 16 April 2015, Paris. There is the issue with positivity most exciting of the Dakar Rally in South America.

However, what is certain is the Hock-Racing will participate with its all-wheel prototype T1 in the Dakar Rally 2016. Again, there is more information in the coming weeks and months.

Origin: (FOX SPORTS) (


05. February 2015

FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015
The FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2015 consists of 10 races. You start in Russia, followed by the countries of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Morocco and in the end will be a winner in the final Baja in Portugal.

Baja Russia – Northern Forest 13-15 February
Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 27 March-02 April
Sealine QMMF Cross Country Rally 19-24 April
Pharaons Rally 10-17 May
Italian Baja 18-21 June
Baja España 24-26 July
Hungarian Baja 13-16 August
Baja Poland 27-30 August
Rallye du Maroc 03-09 October
Baja Portalegre 22-24 October

Here is an overview and further details about each rally with link to the websites of the organizers.

Hock-Racing will go to after the Dakar Rally 2016 with his all-wheel driven prototypes in the class T 1 at the start of the FIA Cross Country World Cup in 2016.

07 January 2015

Dakar Rally 2015
Argentina Bolivia Chile

She is on the road again, since 4 January 2015. The toughest rally in the world adventure. 9111 kilometers in just 14 days, 4,578 kilometers from Buenos Aries rating in a large loop through the countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chlie and back to Buenos Aries.

The 37th edition is the most challenging route have since moving to South America from the year of 2009.

Marathon stages for cars and trucks. The driver and passenger will be left entirely at the bivouac on your own. Outside help is prohibited. No mechanic in these stages. There are no extra parts. Only those who have been in the car.

5.000 meters above sea level. Multiple cross the Andes and back. This is the cars and driver teams demand from everything. On January 17 will go from 414 vehicles started in Buenos Aires, not all over the finish ramp.

About our project "Rally Raid T1 prototype" of the Dakar Rally 2016 you can see here on our website.

Actual pictures of the Dakar Rally 2015 Argentina Bolivia Chile

23 December 2014

Christmas 2014

Hock-Racing & Horst Eckert

wishes you
Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year 2015

12 August 2014

Hock-Racing & Horst Eckert on Instagram
You like it / you follow me

Now with selected images from the history of Horst Eckert and Hock-Racing, and of course actual images.

Here to the Instagram site:

18 July 2014

Baja Spain 18. - 20. July 2014

The sixth round of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies of 2014. Hock-Racing will be with his team at the start of 2016 and this Baja Spain will be a highlight for all teams in the Rally Raid World Cup. We are looking forward to be with our new Porsche prototype T1 at the start of 2016.

18 June 2014

D-200 #Dakar2015
200 days until the Dakar Rally 2015. Retrospect and thus also preview the countries Argentina, Bolivia and Chile.
Impressive pictures.

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2015

18 June 2014

Dakar Rally 2015 Argentina Bolivia Chile
Changing the day of rest

The directors of the Dakar Rally have organizational reasons as well as for healthy balance between the different days of rest for the first time in the einzelen categories for Bikes / Quads - Cars and Trucks decided to change the date for all categories. Here are the new dates:

10/01: Rest day (bikes/quads); Iquique – Uyuni (cars); Iquique – Marathon Bivouac (trucks).

11/01: Iquique – Uyuni (bikes/quads); Uyuni – Iquique (cars); Marathon Bivouac – Iquique (trucks).

12/01: Uyuni – Iquique (bikes/quads); Rest day (cars/trucks).

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2015

5 June 2014

Dakar rally route in 2015 confirmed
Chile confirms the route of the Dakar 2015 on 24 May. Thus, the participants will ride the originally planned rally route of the host countries (Argentina - Chile – Bolivia).

Hock-Racing celebrates with his team at the start in January 2015 Bueons Aires, where the greatest adventure rally in the world also ends resist on 17 January 2015.

07/01: Chilecito - Copiapó
08/01: Copiapó - Antofagasta
09/01: Antofagasta - Iquique
10/01: Rest day (cars/trucks); Iquique - Uyuni (Bolivia) (motorcycles/quads)
11/01: Iquique - Uyuni (Bolivia) (cars/trucks); Uyuni (Bolivia) - Iquique (motorcycles-quads)
12/01: Rest day (motorcycles/quads); Uyuni - Iquique (cars/trucks)
13/01: Iquique - Calama

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2015

2nd April 2014, Buenos Aires

Dakar organization A.S.O. announces first stages of the Dakar rally 2015
During the press conference of the Dakar Rally 2015 in Buenos Aires was the stages 1-3 and the last three stages of the event 11 - 13, where known.

1 stage: Buenos Aires / Villa Carlos Paz
2 stage: Villa Carlos Paz / San Juan
3 stage: San Juan / Chilecito

11 Stage: Salta / Termas Rio Hondo
12 Stage: Termas Rio Hondo / Rosario
13 Stage: Rosario / Buenos Aires

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2015

26 March 2014, Paris

Press Conference of the Dakar Rally Argentina Bolivia Chile 2015

The Dakar Rally 2015 returns with their seventh South American edition back to the Argentine capital Buenos Aires, with start and destination back.

After the show start on 3 January from the podium is on 4 January 2015, the rally started again in Buenos Aires, where it ends after 9000 km on 17 January. It leads in a circuit through Argentina on Bolivia and Chile.

In the northern Chilean city of Iquique the rest days of the rally are provided. On 10 January for cars and trucks on 12 January for motorcycles and quads.

From there it goes through the Atacama Desert to the Andes back to Argentina and finish in Buenos Aires. Both participants in the motorcycle and in the car and truck classification provides for the Dakar Rally again before marathon stages. 3.9 million fans were live at the distance of 2014.

More about the four-wheel prototype T1 from Hock-Racing Dakar Rally for 2016, there are over the next few months here on our website.

17 March 2014

Dakar Route 2015 without Peru - 10 days to the presentation

Peru will not be the target of the Dakar Rally in 2015. The cost for the event are, according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism (MINCETUR) currently in 2014 with around 30 million U.S. dollars (about 21.6 million euros) for the country too high.

The running of the Dakar series is, however, take place as scheduled, in September. Also confirmed is the desire to compete in the following years to take part in the Dakar Rally.

In 10 days, 26 March will present the Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO) in Paris, the route for the Dakar Rally 2015.

Hock-Racing, as are planned with its new T1 prototype project at the start of the Dakar Rally 2016. More information in the next few months here on our website.

5 January 2014
Dakar Rally 2014 opening stage
The Portuguese team with Carlos Sousa and Miguel Ramalho have taken the lead in Argentina at the start of the Dakar Rally. In its Haval H8 she managed the 180km special stage on the way from Rosario to San Luis in 2:20:36 hours.

Four minutes behind the leader, the Berlin Timo Gottschalk and the two-time World Rally Champion Carlos Sainz of Spain in their SMG buggy. Thus, they come in fifth place immediately before defending champion and record holder Stephane Peterhansel, who is struggling with his French compatriot Jean Paul Cottret in a mini of the German team X-raid to another victory on the Dakar Rally 2014.

Hock-Racing will start in January 2015 Dakar Rally with the new Porjekt in the prototype class T1.

New is the rental of the four wheel drive prototype T1
Besides the use of a separate team of Hock-Racing, this new 4-wheel prototype T1 can be ordered service rented from potential teams of the Dakar Rally 2016. Later in 2015 Hock-Racing will announce more about it.

Dakar rally 2014
The Portuguese team with Carlos Sousa has taken the lead in the Dakar Rally in Argentina.

Hock-Racing starts in 2016 at the Dakar Rally with a new Porjekt in the prototype class T1.

07 December 2013

The toughest Dakar Rally in South America for 2014
The 36th Edition of the Dakar Rally in 2014, the organizer believes not only in the truest sense of the word, but also symbolically in a new dimension higher further and harder.

The 6th Dakar Rally in South America will be the longest since your move from Africa. Overall, the pilots have to deal with 9000 km, of which 5,000 discharged as special. The launch will be this time in Rosario, Argentina, the target is located in the Chilean city of Valparaiso. The route for motorcycles and quads was separated about one-third from each other , are two new marathon trials. 450 vehicles and more than 50 nationalities will be at the start of the rally.

With the launch in the city of Rosario , we pay tribute in some way a set of Che Guevara Tribute : 'Be realistic, demand the impossible', "said Etienne Lavigne, director of the Dakar. "This year's route is already a challenge, the rivals through Bolivia leads the country that is geographically and culturally at the heart of this continent. The "Dakar" will break their record highs with probably 5,000 meters, but there is also the feeling that the rally really gaining height and more than just symbolic."

Hock-Racing will go with a new project in 2016 at the start of the Dakar Rally.

29 October 2013

27th Baja Portalegre 500 - final round of the FIA World Cup 2013
When world leaders, the Rally Raid teams from around the world, it now comes to the decision at the last race of the crown of the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2013.

With new insert, the renowned competition receives many fans and drivers from around the world and so the organization of this year's edition looks forward to an exciting race of 31 October to 2 November 2013.

Hock-Racing looks with the voltage participate with his team at the Baja Portalegre 500 in towards 2014.

4 October 2013

Rally of Morocco: 200 teams - participants record
At the 14th Edition with a new record, the "Rally of Morocco OiLibya", this rally raid one of the largest desert rallies will be to Dakar. But the success of the rally is not only a success of the numbers. Almost all the masters meet here on 12 to 19 October 2013. Daruch the French-organized event is an extraordinary rally and promises a spectacular fight in all categories: cars, bikes, quads and trucks.

200 teams (280 participants) will be at the start. With more than 27 nationalities, almost all the continents will be represented at this international event. Under the patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the Moroccan Rally OiLibya will take in the south of Morocco.

2014 is the Morocco Rally again part of the FIA Cross Country Rally World Cup 2014. Hock-Racing is looking forward to this special event, in which we will participate with our Porsche Cayenne T2 in 2014.

Teaser of the OiLibya of Morocco 2013

The organizers' website

14th August 2013

Hungarian Baja 2013
The FIA Cross Country World Cup 2013 starts the 5th Run this coming weekend, the Hungarian Baja. 10 year old anniversary edition in Papá near Gyor.

All the top teams in the T1 and T2 cars fight it to the top in the world championship.

The Start of this three-day event, on Friday afternoon makes a 7.5-kilometer Super Special or stage. Saturday is with two 120-kilometer special stage in the program. Finally, the participants will be race on Sunday still on stage two, each 98 kilometers.

Hock-Racing in 2014 go here in Hungary at the start. So we wish all participants good luck in 2013.

07th August 2013

Stages of the Pharaons Rally 2013
As a confirmation that Egypt is more than ever on the way to modernity and political stability, Pharaons Rally has again the full support of the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism.

We are therefore glad to confirm our commitment and pleasure in the organization of the Pharaons Rally race due to run from September 28th to October 5th in the Western Desert of Egypt.

The route this year is a good mix of smooth stretches, testing passages and a great variety of terrains every stage" the organization reported. The second and the fifth legs will be challenging and fun crossing the famous Cathedral Dunes.

All information on our special page
Pharaons Rally 2013

16th July 2013

Baja Aragón celebrates 30 years as a leading Cross-Country Rally Spain
This Friday the 19th Starts July 30 Edition of the Baja Aragon will be kicked off with a six-kilometer “Super Special” in Teruel. When, probably like every year with outside temperatures of 35 º to 40 º C. There start and end at the next two days, the following two stages. These are each divided into two tests. The SS1 and SS3 are 188 km long, the SS2 and SS4 each 160 km. On Sunday, 21 July ends with the anniversary Baja. In 2014, with Hock-Racing at the start.

All information on our special page
Baja Aragon 2013

13th July 2013

The Silk Way Rally has been running successfully
Victory for Jean Louis Schlesser in the Car (Shapo, Jean-Louis) and Dmitry Sotnikov for victory in his Kamaz truck.

1. Schlesser/Zhiltov (Schlesser) 32h55'35
2. Vasilyev/Yevtekhov (GForce) + 16'33
3. Firsov/Filatov (ToyotaOverdrive) + 1h47'33
4. Dabrowski/Czachor (ToyotaOverdrive) + 4h0601
5. Lavieille/Polato (Juke Dessoude) + 4h16'58
6. Issabayev/Podolyanyuk (ToyotaOverdrive) + 5h18'36
7. Savenko/Maltsev ((Nissan) + 5h33'24
8. Pelichet/Decré (Toyota Overdrive) + 7h45'14
9. Rakhimbayev/Ashimov (ToyotaOverdrive) + 8h51'38
10. Cenkov/Marinov (Opel) + 8h57'15

21 June 2013

More community for our fans
Since our launch in 2013, Facebook, we have constantly the community for all those interested in Hock-Racing and Horst Eckert and his team expanded. With facebook came naturally twitter, Google Plus and YouTube. Next followed Pinterest and Flickr. Today we have added since taken the platform of the with 100 million active users, the largest social network service in Europe. You can adjust this community in euerer language. Have fun there.

We continue to work on the service for you to make better and bigger. Push the button.

24th May 2013

Appetite for the Dakar Rally 2014
The Dakar organization has the two latest videos published of the Dakar Rally Argentina, Bolivia, Chile 2014 presentation. Here's a taste with impressive images of the Dakar 2013. Simply lay back and enjoy with all your senses. Have fun.

30th April 2013

Follow us and like you us
Hello my friends, thank you for 4 weeks of great feedback and support on my Facebook page and your "Like us".

Visit us and continue to send us your "Like us" on my Facebook page Hock-Racing Cross Country Rally Raid team and Horst Eckert Rally Raid Driver.

Thanks to all of you
Horst Eckert

29th April 2013

Start to the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies for Edith Weiss
Edith Weiss has done well in their first use in the World Cup. This had to retire with technical problems from the rally even Qatar's Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah and his Desert Buggy. The higher the power, and fire baptism of Edith Weiss her first officer of Qatari Kamal Khoder is assessed. Congratulations from here also the team manager of the Nissan Patrol T1 Sheikh Hamed bin Eid Al-Thani.

A good test plan from Edith Weiss to your later go into our Porsche Cayenne T2 best to move on.

All information at our special page Qatar Sealine Rally

22th April 2013

Sealine Rally Qatar:
Competitors from 27 countries take the start in Doha

Also at the start driver Edith Weiss and your co-driver, the Qatari Kamal Khoder on a Nissan Patrol T1 from the rally team of Qatar Sheikh Hamed bin Eid Al-Thani (the winner of the "FIA Middle East rally series" in 1993). Edith Weiss drive later in the year a Porsche Cayenne T2 from our Team.

All information at our special page Qatar Sealine Rally

19th April 2013

Presentation of the 2014 Dakar route completely
As part of the Dakar World Tour now the entire route of the Dakar Argentina Bolivia Chile was given 2014 known. Dakar director Etienne Lavigne introduced El Salvador, the highest capital city in the world (2,300 meters), the overall running of the rally route.

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2014

15th April 2013

Dakar 2014: Presentation of the first 7-Dakar stages in Argentina
As part of the Dakar World Tour, which introduces the rally world in different cities, were yesterday in Buenos Aries in the presence of journalists and Etienne Lavigne Director of the Dakar Rally, Enrique Meyer, Minister of Tourism presented, the Argentine part of the route.

The Argentine stage of the Dakar Rally 2014
5th January: Rosario - San Luis
6th January: San Luis - San Rafael
7th January: San Rafael - San Juan
8th January: San Juan - Chilecito
9th January: Chilecito - Tucuma
10th January: Tucuman - Salta
11th January: Rest day in Salta
12th January: Salta – Salta

All information at our special page Dakar Rally 2014

3rd April 2013

Hock-Racing on Twitter and Facebook

We're here, long overdue, is finally online. First look, first listen to be kept up to date. We look forward to your "LIKE U.S." on Facebook, and if you follow us on Twitter. We wish all our users and fans wish you much fun Hock Racing

Our pages on YouTube and Google+ also.

21st March 2013

Presentation of the Dakar Rally
Argentina - Bolivia - Chile 2014

For the first time in 6 years, where the Dakar Rally in South America found its new home, the new route through Bolivia. First only for the bikes and quads, so the statement of the organizers at a press conference in Paris.

Rally cars and trucks are made in a route through Chile and Argentina. The 35th Edition of the world's largest Raid Rally starts on 5th January in Argentina Rosario and ends on 18 January in Chile's Valparaiso. In April, more information for more stages will be presented.

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1 March 2013

Silk Way Rally Moscow-Astrakhan 2013 (Russia)
6 - 13 July 2013

In Moscow, at a press conference for the Silk Way Rally 2013 (6 to 13 July 2013), where the first details on the route known. The 2013er edition of the rally promises an exciting rally week, the world's second largest Raid Rally to be with 4000 km length. Of that 3000 km special stages. 70% of the route is new.

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12th February 2013

Welcome to Russia, 5 Silk Way Rally in July 2013
The 5th Edition of the Silk Way Rally takes place from 6 to 13 July 2013 instead. The start flag drops, as it did in 2012 on Red Square in Moscow. The Russian Federation supported in consequence also the 5th Silk Way Rally.

Currently, the Silk Way Rally. The second largest rally raid in the world with more than 100 participants in the car category, and more than 30 starters in the truck class.
Administrative and technical on 4 July. Start on Red Square on 7 July. After 7 days and 3000 km special stage on 13 July reaches the goal of the 2013er edition of this rally. A press conference will be held in Moscow on 28 February, finish place and further information will be provided.

28 January 2013

Dakar Rally 2014 route over Bolivia!
The negotiations for the implementation of the country for the 2014 Dakar Rally is moving full tours. After the "Dakar Rally" is before the "Dakar Rally" not only for the team but also the organizers of the Rally Dakar Rally, the. Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), with its French director Etienne Lavigne at the top In this blend, as always rumors, negotiations and paw each other.

In early January, the Minister of the Presidency Juan Ramon Quintana and Culture Minister Pablo Groux of Bolivia, you have negotiations in Lima / Peru, conducted with the representatives of the ASO. Bolivian President Evo Morales assured last week that only some administrative steps missing to Bolivia to include in the route of the Dakar 2014 may.

A "Maybe," Lavigne said in an interview on Fox Sports. Bolivia is one of the top candidates. Bolivia had already tried to take part in the Dakar 2013th It was heard that the Argentine city of Rosario, a possible starting point for Dakar 2014 could be. Chile's President Sebastian Pinera was evidence that his country will not lose its status as host of the 2014 Dakar Rally want.

In all these statements, one thing is certain, on 21 March, in Paris, the Rally Organisation (ASO) introduced the first details for the route of the rally in 2014.

20th January 2013

Mini wins the big Dakar 2013
After two weeks, strain through Peru, Argentina and Chile Stephane Peterhansel is the big winner. Today he rolled his navigator Jean Paul Cottret the first in Chile to the finish line. The Frenchman defended last year's victory in the Mini All4 Racing.

Giniel de Villiers finished in the legendary Toyota Hilux Off Road Rally event in second. Nasser Al-Attiyah set Peterhansel in the first week with the new Jeffries buggy under pressure. Finally had to retire with a technical problem, Qatari (fuel pump). After demanding a total of 8000 kilometers through South America had to Carlos Sainz in Qatar buggy finish the rally early with engine trouble.

"It's another incredible victory. During the first week, it was not easy. Initially we attacked and had to fight against Nasser" recalls Peterhansel. "It was not an easy win, because we knew that the buggies are very fast. This situation allowed me to focus from the start to the race. I pulled out a lead."

13th January 2013

Day of rest in the Dakar Rally 2013
8 stages and about 4,500 kilometers are made up to the present day of rest in the Argentine San Miguel de Tucuman. Thus, more than a quarter of the starter is out.

The participants of the 35th Peru Argentina Chile Dakar Rally awaited rest day today in Argentina humid weather at 30 degrees. After the stage had to be canceled yesterday due to heavy rain, today was again clear weather.

Stephane Peterhansel leads the rally at halftime, but the defending champions can not sit back, because of the strong buggy of Nasser Al-Attiyah is back just over 3 minutes. Al-Attiyah still so any chance of the title, and he has already shown in the last two years that he with strong drivers can fight for the win.

6 January 2013

It is again the "Dakar rally" time in January 2013

153 starters in the car category from a total of 449 participants attended the Dakar 2013 from Lima / Peru in attack. The first stage of the Dakar Rally 2013 ended the same with a surprise.

Carlos Sainz (Spain), which won the 2010 Dakar victory for Volkswagen, with his co-driver Timo Gottschalk (Germany) in his buggy in front of the South African Lucio Alvarez at the wheel of a Toyota. Third was Nasser Al-Attiyah (Qatar), who contests with his buggy with the Sainz Dakar Rally in a team.

The slight opening stage led the pilot of a 250 km link in the vicinity of Pisco, where a special audit on the program.

27th September 2012

5th January 2013 on the beach in Lima / Peru
The technical and administrative scrutineering of the 2013 Dakar is in the district of Magdalena and Chorrillos place on the Pacific Ocean.
In the district of Magdalena Lima host with its Spanish atmosphere of Parc Ferme will be established. Here are the vehicles for the start and the Dakar Village. There, the public at up to one million people are expected, according to organizers, experience the rally-like atmosphere with the drivers.

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06th July 2012

Dakar route Peru - Argentina - Chile 2013

The Dakar trip to the 33rd Edition of the Dakar Rally 2013 has been completed your last presentation date in South Africa (Botswana) and the locations of the Dakar Rally in 2013 have been announced.

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06th June 2012

"Qatar Rally Championship 2012", Edtih Weiss finished 3rd overall

Congratulations, Edtih Weiss and her co-pilot Maja Loncar showed up at the 6th round of the Qatar Rally Championship, 1st June with her Subaru Imprezza WRX STi N/12 (N/4) the fantastic 3rd rank overall which was running under the rally service of Sheikh Hamad bin Eid al Thani. A special feature of this rally was, the stages were during day and night in the desert of Qatar.

Edith Weiss is our second pilot for the Porsche Cayenne (T2) in the version for Cross Country Rallies - built by Hock-Racing.

04th June 2012

First details on the route Pharaons Rally 2012
Pharaons 2012: the route is ready! Would the organizers of the Pharaoh Rally in 2012. As previously announced, this year on the anniversary of the start and finish of the rally will be held impressively in front of the Pyramids of Giza. (Starting on 20th September and end on 6th October 2012).

From there it goes into multiple loops through Egypt. Here at two stages of the rally are the linchpin of the rally.

These are the city of Tibniya and south of the rally, the city of Abu Mingar. Further details of the stage to follow, according to organizers at a later date.

12th April 2012

Caramba official supplier of Hock-Racing
When it comes to chemical-technical products for the care, maintenance and repair of cars, Caramba is probably the longest established brand in Germany, if not in Europe. The promise of Caramba is: "For every application the right solution.

From the cockpit spray, wheel cleaner and nano-car shampoo to creep and lubricants and rust remover to the stain-sealer wax for the highest quality automotive paints. For almost any application Caramba has the right solution in store! This also Hock-Racing uses for maintenance operations at the rally.

11th April 2012

Hella lights now at Hock-Racing in the Rally action

The automotive supplier Hella has to queue for the raid rally, Porsche Cayenne and the service trucks of the Hock-Racing teams equipped with ultra modern fixtures. Here are including LED and Xenon Luminator lights are used.

The Luminator Compact Xenon is one of the top products in Hella’s auxiliary headlamp range and guarantees white Xenon light almost the colour of daylight that lights up the road for almost 500 metres.

22th March 2012

Dakar 2013 from Lima to Santiago - 5 to 20 January 2013

The fifth edition of the Dakar Rally in South America has changed and your route starts in Peru. Also new to the start date is not traditionally on the first January, but on the 5th January has been changed.

The 35th Circulation after the start in the capital of Peru, Lima, it is towards the Andes to Argentina, where a rest day on 13 January in San Miguel de Tucuman is inserted. Then, on 20 January in Chile, are in the country's capital Santiago, the checkered flag for the participants.

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10th March 2012

Silk Way Rally 2012
New / Old Rally organization
new Website
first information about the route

Today's site is not only a new website of the Silk Way Rally in 2012 but also a change in the organization. Yesterday the share A.S.O. with that temporary factors prevented a collaboration in 2012. We'll put in a year's break in the partnership and work for 2013 on a permanent solution for a future model.

So there are now already first details about the upcoming route. As is known in Moscow on 7th July, the start made. The route passes through Ryazan, Volgograd, Elista, Maykop, Gelendzhik. On 14 July 2012 in Sochi, the finish of the participants.

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15 February 2012

The Silk Way Rally - 2012: A new challenge for the competitors

And the organization notifies the Silk Way Rally, the fourth edition of the Silk Way Rally on the route Moscow - Sochi of 7 to 14 July 2012 held. Details of the next rally will be from the organization committee at the press conference, held in March, announced in Moscow.

The world's second-biggest rally raid is transmitted in 190 countries of the world via television and has millions of viewers.

10 February 2012


Begins in 2012, according to the organizer JVD, the Pharaohs Rally with a certainty: The rally takes place from 29 September to 6 October. Start and finish is celebrated as the Pyramids of Giza. There is probably no greater adventure and historical backdrop that one can offer to participants.

9 January 2012

Dakar 2013 - Peru - Argentina - Chile!

As the Argentine CosaOnline online magazine reports that the 2013 Dakar starts on 6 January in Peru / Lima.

ASO director Etienne Lavigne, and the Secretary of State for Sport Gabriel Ruiz-Tagle, confirmed that in Chile, goal of the Dakar 2013 in the Valparaiso region. This is probably the decision to di Santiago. Probably in the O'Higgins Park, in front of La Moneda, the seat of government.

Also, Argentina is at it again. Just as Henry Meyer, Minister of Tourism in Argentina said, will be held in the province of Tucuman, the rest day of the Dakar 2013.

9 December 2011

First pictures of the Stilo Carbon Piuma helmet by Horst Eckert, design by Jens Munser

Here are the first pictures of the not yet completely finished jet helmet Stilo "Carbon Piuma", the Jens Munser for Horst Eckert has designed and manufactured. March 2012 at the latest, there are pictures of the finished jet helmet and helmet of Intergral helmet from Stilo, the ST4, which is also produced as the most advanced carbon fiber materials from Piuma.

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17 November 2011

FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies 2012 / Silk Way Rally 2012 / Dakar 2013

02 September 2011

Horst Eckert in the air

For Horst Eckert, it was a test of exceptional fitness test for the upcoming season in 2012. With a specially converted Cessna cargo turboprop to the tandem jump. 20 minutes you need in order to jump altitude of 4,000 meters to go. On command, it went out of the machine and "Go". "Now I was just a passenger at 200 kilometers per hour towards the ground." Gaze into the camera to the ground and back again. After 50 seconds, then open the parachute and then began the sail 10 minutes long. "I was even allowed to steer the glider yourself short. Even a really great feeling. with Carlo, my Master pilot, I always go back into the air."

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16 June 2011

The Stilo helmets by Horst Eckert, design by Jens Munser

The appearance of Horst Eckert for the Raid Rally season 2012, including the Dakar in 2013 included the Carbon Helmets Stilo our sponsor's Germany. Together with the design team of Jens JMD Munser that also lead to other things, the helmets of Sebastian Vettel your design, we have come up with something special.

The logos of our sponsors from You Load, Garmin, Stilo Helmets, Tamiya, Carson, Textar, Motorsports Total and Rimowa be represented by the difference between matte and shiny surfaces.

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19 May 2011

Hock-Racing soon to Facebook, Twitter and You Tube to see

Our team soon on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Co. So, we now ask all fans and friends from Hock-Racing and Horst Eckert at the opening of the sides strongly to post on Facebook. We will keep you informed. Soon more.

14 April 2011

2013 Dakar Rally will end in Chile

The head of the Dakar Rally organizing committee says the off-road race will finish in Chile in 2013.

Etienne Lavigne said Thursday that Chilean President Sebastian Pinera asked for the 2013 finish to be in his country during this year’s race in January.

Lavigne says “Chile convinced us with good arguments and we are happy we’ve achieved this goal.”

It has not been decided which Chilean city will host the finish.

Organizers already have announced changes for 2012, including sections in Peru and a finish in Lima.

23. March 2011

Dakar Rally 2012 ends in Lima

Lima 2012 is the first destination of the Dakar Rally. The race starts on 1 January in Mar del Plata, Argentina, leads in the course of Chile and ends on 15 January in the Peruvian capital. In the past three years, Buenos Aires was always starting and destination.

29th to 31st December: technical and administrative scrutineering in Mar del Plata

1st January: briefing, starting ceremony and 1st special stage of the rally

8th January: rest day in Chile

15th January: last special stage, before the finishing ceremony in Lima

01 Januay 2011

A super start to the year 2011!

The starting flag is dropped and the Dakar has a total of 430 participants sent on the trip. Over a million enthusiastic spectators, the Dakar Rally in 2011 adopted the more than 9,600 kilometers of hardness testing by Argentina and Chile. In the morning was the big briefing from race director Etienne Lavigne, the participants eligible to start all gathered in one place. The next weeks will be very hard, the 15-day desert Tip demands the utmost from everyone. At the 33rd Edition of the classic off-take some 140 cars, 170 motorbikes, 30 quads and 67 trucks.