Dakar Argentina Chile 2011 / Buenos dias, Buenos Aires, en el Dakar 2011

1. October 2010

PERSONAL are now the title sponsor of the Dakar 2011

Once the company has in the two editions of the rally in South America, already made in the Dakar as a supplier and partner to PERSONAL crowned with a title sponsorship on the issue in 2011.

PERSONAL will now focus more, especially for the start of attractions in Buenos Aires planned. The four million spectators and millions of television viewers will be able to use applications for the Dakar Rally on the wireless network, developed by the PERSONAL.

ASO confirmed Dakar 2011 in Argentina and Chile

This afternoon has confirmed to the organizers of the Dakar Rally ASO (Amaury Sport Organization) through its own newspaper "L'Equipe", the Dakar Rally 2011 Public for Argentina and Chile.

Enrique Meyer, Minister of Tourism in Argentina, said: "Next are the Dakar, is presenting a dream come true for Argentina. In the past two years, we have the whole world next to the sporting aspect of our landscapes and people. We are very proud to be called again to welcome the Dakar and we have worked hard to be able to. "

"We are pleased once again to receive either the rally" confirmed the Chilean Minister of Sport Ruiz-Tagle, "it is a great honor for our country.

The exact route will be at a press conference on 29 April 2010 in Paris announced.

The timing of the rally:
30 and 31 December 2010:
technical acceptance in Buenos Aires
1 January 2011:
Briefing, ramp start in Buenos Aires for the first bivouac
2 to 15 January 2011:
Stages Rally Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally 2011
16 January 2011:
arrival in Buenos Aires

Dakar 2011: The most challenging route South America

The third edition of the "Dakar" has a huge package of tasks for the participants themselves.

Well into the sandy depths of the Atacama Desert, the heights of the Andes and high speed by "La Pampa" and to the borders of Bolivia and Peru: The route meets again in 2011, the superlatives. 2011, participants learn a new adventure even know multifaceted desert passages. In addition to new routes like the white dunes of the rally Fiambalá leads first time by one day of rest to the Peruvian border in the Chilean city of Arica, and thus in an entirely new kind of desert.

The escaping in Argentina and Chile edition offers participants diverse desert sections, faster passages and winding gravel mountain passes than ever before.

The "Dakar Rally" remains the toughest challenge in world motorsport.


Route Dakar 2011

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Dakar 2011

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