Dakar Argentina Bolivia Chile 2014 / Buenos dias, en el Dakar 2014

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Rosario - Valparaiso - 5th to 18th January 2014

Route Dakar 2014
Km will following
04. January 2014
starting ceremony
05. January 2014
Rosario - San Luis
1st special stage
06. January 2014
San Luis - San Rafael
2 stage
07. January 2014
San Rafael - San Juan
3 stage
08. January 2014
San Juan - Chilecito
4 stage
09. January 2014
Chilecito - Tucuma
5 stage
10. January 2014
Tucuman - Salta
6 stage
11. January 2014
  (Argentina) Rest day
12. January 2014
Salta - Salta
7 stage
13. January 2014
Salta - Calama
8 stage 
14. January 2014
Calama - Iquique
 9 stage
15. January 2014
Iquique - Antofagasta
10 stage 
16. January 2014
Antofagasta - El Salvador
 11 stage
17. January 2014
El Salvador - La Serena
12 stage
18. January 2014
La Serena - Valparaiso
12 stage Finish


Route Dakar rally 2014 from Rosario (Argentina) to Valparaiso (Chile)

Bolivia will become the 28th country to host the Dakar Rally, after being included alongside Argentina and Chile on the next year's race calendar.

The 2014 Dakar Rally, the 35th edition and the sixth since the famous event has moved to South America, will set off in Rosario, Argentina, on January 5, pass through Bolivia, and finish in Valparaiso, Chile, two weeks later.

"Although the Dakar's first visit to Bolivia will principally focus on discovery, the competitors' technical and sporting performances will essentially be tested in Argentina and Chile, which will be explored in very different way compared to the rally's 5 previous editions in South America," Dakar officials said.

Racing through Bolivia won't be the only addition to the 2014 Dakar Rally, as next year's event will have longer special stages and more marathon stages.

Director Etienne Lavigne, Juan Ramon Quintana (Bolivian Minister of the Presidency) Gabriel Ruiz Tagle (Chile Minister of Sports)

Presentation of the Dakar Rally 2014 in Paris

Dakar Rally 2014 ends in Valparaiso (Chile)

2nd to 4th Januar 2013: technical and administrative scrutineering in Rosario (Argentina)

5th January: briefing, starting ceremony

5th January: 1st special stage of the rally

11th January: rest day in Salta (Argentina)

18th January: the finishing ceremony in Santiago de Chile (Chile)

15th April 2013

Dakar 2014: Presentation of the first 7-Dakar stages in Argentina
As part of the Dakar World Tour, which introduces the rally world in different cities, were yesterday in Buenos Aries in the presence of journalists and Etienne Lavigne Director of the Dakar Rally, Enrique Meyer, Minister of Tourism presented, the Argentine part of the route.


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